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How To Buy Giftcards

Buying gift cards is easy and it’s a great way to make your loved ones happy. That’s why we want to show you how to buy one in 3 simple steps. Ready?

Step 1:

Find any product in our store and click "Book Now". A popup will appear, and at the bottom left, you'll see a red button labeled "Buy as a gift card". Once you've found it, the rest is simple.

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Step 2:

Enter the amount you want to gift. Remember, the minimum value for a gift card is $10, but there's no upper limit! Once you've entered the amount, click "Continue" to proceed to payment.

Step 3:

Now, just fill in your details in the form and complete the payment. Congratulations! You now have the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones.

Want to give it a try?You can start by clicking the button below.

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